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Welcome to the worldwide community of Intuitive & creative Learners       

I’m Nancy  K. Baumgarten, MLA, Director of Profound Awareness Institute,  and mother to a clairaudient daughter.
 I’ve been assisted by my 35-year study of metaphysics, and sacred geometry to raise my daughter’s psychic and gifted capacities with discernment and balance.  As a landscape architect I’ve come to acknowledge my own inner connection with the plant and planetary forces of nature.  Presenter on Expanded Awareness for kids,  I currently teach a program for developing the human SoulMind powers & 55+ senses for teachers, home school parents, and therapists. Watch for my first book, The AWARE HUMAN: Your Psi Senses & MindField Powers, will be available Fall 2012.  
I’m also designer of The Orbital Calendar: SolarSystem TimeSpace.


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Welcome to this International Profound Awareness integral Learning Community honoring humanity’s subtle sensory psychic-intuitive faculties, mystic spiritual intelligences, “the big questions”  existential intelligences, and the science of the biofield senses & mindfield powers.

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Home of
Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Events
Since 1999
Experiential Education Vacation
for the creative, intrapersonal, spiritual and existential “intelligences”
For Children & Parents, Young Adults to 70-Something’s & ALL-

*   NEW Fall ‘Semester’ starting Sept. 2014
1. Subtle SuperSenses Classes: Kids & parents
2. Subtle Sensory Awareness: Teens & Adults
Asheville, NC

Hands-on, FUN learning Games * Make Lifelong Friends
* Your PSI-Sensory Perceptions & SoulMind Powers: the Science;
* Discussions on Nature Elementals, Cosmology, Sacred Geometry
* Applied Intuition Dowsing training, Ghosts, Tree Communication,
* Joy of Music & Dance, Faerie Walk, Consciousness of Color & LIght,
* Multidimensional Knowing; Orbs: the phenomenon, & more..

To Registration available SOON!     Contact: Nancy at 828.398.4711


A Consciousness Community & Programs for Individuals and Families nurturing self awareness of their innate biofield (psychic) senses and mystical experiences to unfold spiritual growth with balance and joy.  This is a non-denominational program, open to All!

We are dedicated to serving the educational needs of creative, psychic, intuitive, gifted, profoundly aware, mystical, spiritually awakened, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, psychic kids, the new children, & ALL people remembering their natural birthright.

Make a Difference:  Scholarships For the Kids
Be an Angel - Donate!  Grandparents, Friends and Aunties -
Please help a child to discover their
Creative & Spiritual Gifts 

(Re)-Discover Your Intuitive Perceptual style:
Awareness Questionnaire
(currently under revision, with categories of experiences)

Whether it’s called empathy, sixth sense, being psychic, second sight, natural mystic, clairvoyance, paranormal, guardian angels, imaginary friends, spiritual intelligence, other dimensions, just being different or any other experience of expanded awareness, know that what you experience is a scientific reality perceived by our BIOFIELD (subtle energy or PSI) senses, for which biological recepters in the human body have been found by neuroscientists.

In loving service to: intuitive, spiritually awakened, mystical, profoundly aware, clairvoyant, clairsentient, multisensory, psychic children, Indigo children, crystal children, star kids, to unfold spiritual growth, and for ALL People recovering their natural birthright.

Vision Statement: Profound Awareness Institute is a creative, educational organization fostering sensitive, aware relationships within the family, communities, earth and spirit world.



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