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 everyone1The Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp Began in 1999 , eventually drawing families from around the U.S. and Europe to Hong Kong

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Camp Spring Intensive Hendersonville, NC  March 2015
Year 2014 – Sabbatical
Year 2013 – Sabbatical
Camp Spring Intensive  2012: Black Mountain, NC March
Camp_Conference   2010: Asheville, NC July 12-17
Camp2009 – Helen Georgia

Camp2008 – Helen Georgia  July 6 – 11,
Year 2007 – Sabbatical
Camp2006 – Black Mountain, North Carolina, July
Camp2005 – Barnardsville, North Carolina   July 25 – July 30
Camp2004 – Black Mountain, North Carolina   July 25 – July 30
Camp2003 – Asheville, NC   June –  2 One day Intensives
Camp2002- Black Mountain, NC   July 29 – August 3
Camp2001- Dillard, Georgia (NC Mountains) July 18-22
Camp2000 – Carrollton, Georgia  June 22-25
Camp 1999 – Asheville, North Carolina   August 6-10


1999 Fun at Night at Old Camp Sequoyah, in Mountain of North Caroina

1999 Fun at Night at Old Camp Sequoyah, in Mountain of North Caroina

Notes from very first The Enchanted Forest Intuitive  Camp-Out August 6 – 10, 1999   

What a wonderful experience! Getting 30 people together.  I am so  grateful for each individual who came and shared their own experiences.  The heart-centeredness of the whole week end was so palpable that I  felt in a bubble of energy out of time and space!  The children were each remarkable in their own ways, and instantly created bonds, often  commenting to me that they had never had this freedom of expression of their whole being up to then in their lives!

In each experiential presentation, each presenter reached us all at different levels.  It was glorious  to see each kid speak up at various moments with something that related specifically to their own knowing or questionings. What a vision for the future of education!

I feel very very grateful to those who took time to guide this flowering:


Kay Bruch. Ed.D.
  Genesa – a step-in crystal geometric form:

Helen Yamada; Carol Beyer and Cynthia Turner Conversations with Clairvoyant, Clairaudient  healers  and a gifted dreamer.


Chuck Blackburn, Spiritual Martial Arts

Chuck Blackburn, Spiritual Martial Arts

Master Chuck Blackburn, spiritual martial artist; chi gong and gong meditation,


Tobin Hart, Ph.D. Transpersonal psychology

True Kelly, Penland Artist, Dream Drumming and Faerie Walk.

Marty Baker,  aromatherapy (with aura reading)


Multi-generational PSI Kids group

Multi-generational PSI Kids group